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Product features
> unique design implementation
> full featured CMS
> content access through WYSIWYG editor
> direct HTML access for professional design
> unlimited content pages

> visitor login
> built in shopping cart
> diverse cc payment methods
> built in charge backs
> google checkout, paypal
> survey questions
> stock and availability
  > image upload and on the fly resizing
> manageable meta data for each single page
> files upload
> scripts management
> custom script uploads

> page access levels
> unlimited items
> substitutes and replacements
> associated items
> choice of delivery carrier
> customer registration
> subscriptions section
  > multiple administrator login
> back end SSL encryption
> various administrative privileges
> live updates
> search engine optimization (SEO) tools

> live chat integration
> volume and customer discounts
> abandoned cart capture
> e-mail sign up
> customer export
> order documents
> selling downloads

*all features can be customized to your specific needs and are a matter of discussion

The goal of launching a site, connecting with customers and maximizing retail sales is to grow your business and this is when the true value of SalesKite emerges. When you’re ready for complete structuring of business process management SalesKite is ready to take the helm and customize system to match your company’s growth. True e-business management made Simple. That’s what SalesKite is all about.

SalesKite dedicated staff continually drives change to the CMS, CRM and ERP on demand products by listening and responding to your needs. As a result it delivers superior custom services to cover all your needs and add the functionality that you specifically desire.


Easy content management (CMS)
and hosting for your custom
designed web-site.

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E-commerce solution with
content management (CMS) for
your custom design.

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E-business solution with
customized functions to meet
your unique needs.

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