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How many inventory items does you standard package  include?


Unlike many e-commerce systems that try to lure you in with a low price for a very limited number of inventory items - SalesKite prefers the straight up hosting fee without limitations. This goes for our Launch and Trade packages. 


What kind of payment channels does SalesKite webstore offer?


First and foremost we do not charge additional fees on top of your Merchant account, PayPal, or Google checkout fees.
Currently we have integrated our webstore with and PayJunction for regular merchant accounts. In addition, you can also activate both PayPal and Google Checkout with your regular Merchant account. There is no reason to loose customer if they prefer to pay with funds they currently have sitting in either PayPal or Google Checkout.

Do I need a Merchant account to have a webstore?


No, you can use a regular PayPal or Google Checkout account as your payment channel. These are normally much easier to obtain than a real Merchant account. Often a quick way to get started and test an idea.



Does SalesKite charge transaction fees?


No. Simply answer and just good business
You would be surprise to find out how much you might be loosing in profit, if your current e-commerce setup charges additional transaction fees.


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Easy content management (CMS)
and hosting for your custom
designed web-site.

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E-commerce solution with
content management (CMS) for
your custom design.

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E-business solution with
customized functions to meet
your unique needs.

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