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How do I know when a visitor requests a LIVE Chat?

There are three ways to receive notification when a visitor to your website requests a LIVE Chat.
- Chat notification is shown on the backend website management.
- Chat notification can be coming in though a small windows program.
- Chat notification can be sent with SMS message, so you will get it anywhere/anytime.
What makes SalesKite LIVE Chat better is the flexibility and mobility.

How can I access SalesKite LIVE Chat from a SmartPhone?

When SalesKite developed our LIVE Chat system we want our customers the freedom to leave their computer and still be able to engage with visitors requesting a Chat. When you know that a LIVE Chat has been requested you can access the system from either a regular computer or through any SmartPhone with a regular Browser. We have tested LIVE Chat access from Motorola Droid, Iphone, EVO and many more. This also means that your visitor can be on a SmartPhone and chat with you.

Can the visitor be prompted with a pop-up window suggesting a Chat?

Yes, when we implement your web-site we can create a "pop-up" like message box that will let the visitor choose to initiate a LIVE Chat. It is normal to delay this "pop-up" by 10-60 seconds and we may have to test which is best for your website. The "pop-up" is a script based message box and is not caught in the regular pop-up blocker.


Can a LIVE Chat be handed over to another team member?

Yes, any team member with access to the back-end web-site management can see all the on going chats enter it if needed. This means you can not only have another team member take over the Chat, but you can also stay on and offer continued advise and suggestions. Again, flexibility is the basis for SalesKite LIVE Chat.


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