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"SalesKite is people centered company that focuses on serving small organizations. It started creating web software back-end systems & developed software as s service products before they were common."

Niels Jorgensen
President, Saleskite

Founded in 2002 SalesKite still remains true to it's initial ideal. This ideal is based on developing solutions for smaller organizations economically and hosting these on our servers for a low monthly fee.

SalesKite is also a people centered company that initially focused on developing web-based back-end system that included customer relationship management (CRM), order fulfillment, inventory, accounting/ERP and finance, product assembly, e-commerce, website management, employee productivity solutions.

Later we saw a need for complete front-end web management systems that can handle content management (CMS), web-store, subscription, Live Chat, etc. This was the beginning of SalesKite as an independent brand.


Easy content management (CMS)
and hosting for your custom
designed web-site.

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E-commerce solution with
content management (CMS) for
your custom design.

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E-business solution with
customized functions to meet
your unique needs.

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