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Product features
> unique design implementation
> full featured CMS
> content access through WYSIWYG editor
> direct HTML access for professional design
> unlimited content pages

> visitor login
> built in shopping cart
> diverse cc payment methods
> built in charge backs
> google checkout, paypal
> survey questions
> stock and availability
  > image upload and on the fly resizing
> manageable meta data for each single page
> files upload
> scripts management
> custom script uploads

> page access levels
> unlimited items
> substitutes and replacements
> associated items
> choice of delivery carrier
> customer registration
> subscriptions section
  > multiple administrator login
> back end SSL encryption
> various administrative privileges
> live updates
> search engine optimization (SEO) tools

> live chat integration
> volume and customer discounts
> abandoned cart capture
> e-mail sign up
> customer export
> order documents
> selling downloads

There’s a secret that most quick-build e-commerce companies won’t tell you, there’s more to selling on the web than just building a shopping cart. Inventory management, order handling, shipping integration and procurement are all critical components to the process and will impact your ability to sell and more importantly, your ability to scale your business over time if they are not done right the first time.

When you choose SalesKite to build your e-store, we begin with a comprehensive look at your current product mix and work with you to organize and load your inventory to create a strong backbone to your e-store. In addition, your system will always include a versatile content and customer relationship management system as the foundation of your e-business. Together, these components create a dynamic and streamlined sales tool that looks good, functions well and enables you to grow your business without ever having to switch providers.

So what does a SalesKite e-business system look like.

Your SalesKite web store will reflect the design created as part of the SalesKite Launch production process and will be driven by both the Content Management System as well as your inventory database. Because SalesKite systems are at the edge of the web forefront, both your web store and shopping cart system offer a number of features that make it stand out from the crowd including one-page checkout, customized headers/footers, flat rate pricing, dynamic exit questions and other.

Inventory management has versatile inventory types allowing subscriptions and downloads, everything has detailed description.

Orders are handled online and can use items from inventory and non-standard item lines, all documents made with a few simple point and clicks. Payment system is full integrated ans is easy to use.


Easy content management (CMS)
and hosting for your custom
designed web-site.

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E-commerce solution with
content management (CMS) for
your custom design.

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E-business solution with
customized functions to meet
your unique needs.

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