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What makes SalesKite website management better?


CMS - Content Management System.
Imagine having a easy way change your website and add more page as needed. If you can use a word processor you can manage your website with SalesKite. 
General features of SalesKite CMS is:
- Update and add webpage easily.
- Expand menu system automatically as more webpages are added.
- Access level management - Registred visitors can be given special access to certain web-pages.
- and MUCH more - please contact us to see if we can help you manage your website. 


What does access levels mean for my visitors to my website?


There can be many reasons to limit access to certain webpages on your website. First would be technical information on your product, which is only useful to your customers, but could be used by your competitors. Second would be a subscription service where once you pay you get access to special articles. Third you may automatically grant more access if the customer registres their contact information. There are many possible reason and SalesKite can help you manage this. 

How does it works?
Each webpage on your website has a default access level of 1 (everyone can see it) which you can change to any level. Each registred user can be assigned an access level. If the registred user has an equal or high access level than the page they are trying to view, then access is granted.
Furthermore, visitors will only see menu items (pages) that they are allowed to view - This prevents visitors from being disappointed.

Can SalesKite implement my unique and custom webdesign with  special features?


SalesKite does have a few generic website templates that can we quickly and easily setup at no up-front costs.

BUT SalesKite excels in implementing your unique web-design, which makes you stand out from the crowd. This means we can work with your graphics designer on implementing your vision. Often SalesKite can offer improvements and suggest technical solutions to implement your ideas. In most cases we can use our standard platform to do all this, but in those instancies where more customization is needed we can also modify the platform to meet your exact needed.

You may start with generic template, later move to implementing your unique webdesign as you grow. Later you may actually need very special function to continue growing your website and business. Since SalesKite is a true Content Management System you will not need to re-enter the content when we go from one web-design to another.



How can I best manage my registred users?


Naturally SalesKite allows you to update add visitor/user information from the backend. But SalesKite has gone a big step further and create a true CRM system to keep track of customer interaction. CRM = Customer Relationship Management. This system also allows you to have many login accounts for each team member so you can follow who does what with customers. 

Please contact us to see how this can help you manage you visitors / customers better.

 We would like to encourage to contact us by LIVE CHAT or EMAIL to ask more questions.


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